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Introducing Citation Labs

I have a new project – Citation Labs. Please drop by and check out my services.

Howdy, Pilgrims!

My recent post on link building made its way into the Marketing Pilgrim’s picks for August 20th… WOOT! Mr. Beal I’ll be thanking you with a tattoo of your name in a heart 😉

Email Newsletter Development Assist by Nielsen Norman

I cut my teeth in the email newsletter world over at webpronews. I started in on some email newsletter template wireframing today for a Bold client and got that good ole’ marketing-geeky feeling over the executive summary on Email Newsletter Usability from Nielsen Norman. Here are the points that made their way into my “design […]

Connect the Dots for an Incredible Community Marketing Post

Imagine an incredible, articulate and mind blowing article patching all of these posts together in a way that increases their aggregate value 😀 That’s what I would have written if I wasn’t going out to get sushi tonight with my lady to celebrate her first paid gig doing roller derby training (she’s buying) and the […]

Two Week Roundup of My Writings

Guys I swear – in addition to client work I’ve been writing my ass off 😉 Here are some of my postings: My MarketingShift Postings: I post industry interviews and observations at MarketingShift. Here’s what all I’ve posted there in the past two weeks: TrailFire’s Annotations Anywhere + Distribution Through Organic SERPs Fortune 500 DIY […]

Congrats to Ben Wills + the Wisdom of $1.65 Billion

Several items of note. 1) Congratulations to Ben Wills for winning Andy Beal’s SEO Scholarship. Ben’s going to the city of broken winds for a confronce of seming. NICE! Andy does a wonderful and useful because of transparency “anatomy of a contest” post. Thank you for that Andy! I will be building content marketing ideas […]


Did you think you could just leave the world waiting in the mean-time? … Yeah. I didn’t think so. (the rest of this post… from Ben Wills… I deleted because it contained logins, usernames, etc… I feel like a kid at Christmas with this shiny new word press blog)

Hire Garrett French, Conversation Marketer

About me, from folks I’ve worked with in the past: “As our media planner/buyer it felt like I was cheating when I worked with Garrett. His unique and creative thinking is always 2 steps ahead of the industry and our clients saw the direct benefit of those efforts. In a time when every agency tries […]