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Lessons in Branded Content Creation Through Community Participation

I’m learning some great lessons on branded content creation and distribution right now thanks to my work with Adam Schultz and Bold Interactive and I wanted to submit them to you for use in your work and for your feedback. These lessons became crystallized, back lit and tightly focused today after I posted in a […]

Piper Jaffray Says Social Media Marketers are “Communitainers”

In a recent report that probably costs more than a nice used Saturn station wagon Piper Jaffray coined the term “Communitainment” to describe the: trend involving consumers moving communication beyond a mere exchange of information to facilitate an exchange of content, ideas, and entertainment within an online social context. I’m still grappling with how to […]

A Market Conversation Strategy Guide

Driving Search Presence through Industry Participation By Garrett French Your market – whether you’re in biotech or biotech software development – is deep in conversation online. Here’s what that conversation looks like: Industry journalists documenting your marketspace through interviews with your peers and competitors and news analysis. Industry practitioners, pundits, and your employees and coworkers […]

Market Conversations and the evolution of an SEM journalist

Today’s my birthday. That’s why I’m doing what I like most – defining the shape of a marketing practice 🙂 I did the same for article marketing about two years ago at MSI. My ideas – which formed initially in my work at WebProNews – gradually grew into a service that was rolled out (in […]

Jim Lanzone: Searchers Aren’t Passionate Enough for Personal or Social Search

Greg Linden posted on a conversation between Jim Lanzone, Steve Berkowitz and John Battelle at the web 2.0 conference. In his wrap up of the interview Linden said that the most interesting part for him was when Lanzone and Berkowitz answered questions about personalized search: “Steve entirely focused on privacy issues. He argued for giving […]

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Ben Wills proposes that there are five pillars of social media marketing. I suspect there may be more, or that there may need to be some pillar rearrangements. Regardless, Ben’s analysis is a fantastic starting point for those seeking to offer social media services.