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Social Media Wants to Know if You’re in Camp 1 or Camp 2

I’ve been writing a little back and forth today with Mr. Ted Shelton of The Conversation Group. I’ve been deliberately OUT of the conversation for awhile now, not reading much about social media. Thanks to Mr. Shelton for pulling me back in 😉 He said, “I would be interested in your take on Shel’s description […]

Quiz Marketing

80,000 links in 3 months. Ranking for competitive terms in 6 months with a brand new domain. Sounds pretty sweet, huh? Those are the numbers that Matt Inman reported to Joe Whyte in a Search Marketing Standard interview… Those are the numbers that made the quiz bug bite. Four months later I’m working with the […]

Some Thoughts on How to Write Personality Quizzes for Link Building

First off, I’ve only written one quiz and I’ve currently generated 0 links using personality quizzes. I write this to share the research I’ve done thus far for folks who’d like to think WAY TOO MUCH about quiz writing in the future. A SMStandard article first got me interested in personality quiz writing. The article […]

Personality Quiz Marketing for Links, Leads and Consultative Sales

Ever since the quiz marketing bug bit me (when I read this interview with Matt Inman by Joe Whyte) I’ve paid a lot more attention to personality quizzes and folks who use them for marketing. I’d already seen them on MySpace and I hear they’re quite popular on FaceBook. Then I started to notice how […]

Building Hub Links: a 5 Point Strategy Guide for Creative SEOs

I generally fall on the creative side of online marketing rather than the overly technical. I think it’s in part because of the “audience sense” I developed at WebProNews, where some days I was the editor of JavaProNews and others I had to write SEM content for our million or so subscribers. Give me your […]

Creating Linkable Content through Group Interviews, Contests and Surveys

If you’re responsible for link-worthy website copy your antenna should be up at all times for methods to create content that will incite your “linkerati” to link to you. Here are my favorite tactics for creating content and links – some of which I’ve tested, some of which I’ve observed in action.

The Community Correspondent: a Guide to Creating Link Worthy Content Through Forum Participation

My primary marketing project right now is an affiliate site with a known brand that targets a passionate hobbyist and professional community. Many amongst this community are active in the roughly 10 online forums of sizes ranging from 700 to ~17,000 members. Over the past two months through my strategic participation in two of these […]

Lessons in Branded Content Creation Through Community Participation

I’m learning some great lessons on branded content creation and distribution right now thanks to my work with Adam Schultz and Bold Interactive and I wanted to submit them to you for use in your work and for your feedback. These lessons became crystallized, back lit and tightly focused today after I posted in a […]

Piper Jaffray Says Social Media Marketers are “Communitainers”

In a recent report that probably costs more than a nice used Saturn station wagon Piper Jaffray coined the term “Communitainment” to describe the: trend involving consumers moving communication beyond a mere exchange of information to facilitate an exchange of content, ideas, and entertainment within an online social context. I’m still grappling with how to […]

A Market Conversation Strategy Guide

Driving Search Presence through Industry Participation By Garrett French Your market – whether you’re in biotech or biotech software development – is deep in conversation online. Here’s what that conversation looks like: Industry journalists documenting your marketspace through interviews with your peers and competitors and news analysis. Industry practitioners, pundits, and your employees and coworkers […]