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How to Qualify Your Link Prospects…

Finding link prospects isn’t the hardest part of link building… Qualifying your link prospects is. Read this article: A Guide To Qualifying Link Prospects For Relevance, Value & Potentiality and download the Ontolo link qualification worksheet >> This article was fun to write: it provides useful, unique information, it clearly illustrates a core proficiency of […]

The Community Correspondent: a Guide to Creating Link Worthy Content Through Forum Participation

My primary marketing project right now is an affiliate site with a known brand that targets a passionate hobbyist and professional community. Many amongst this community are active in the roughly 10 online forums of sizes ranging from 700 to ~17,000 members. Over the past two months through my strategic participation in two of these […]

Conversations Monetized: My Project Portfolio

I haven’t posted in awhile, mostly because I’ve been building my income stream portfolio. Primarily by working closely with Adam Schultz – I’ve joined Bold Interactive as a partner. We have marketing clients for whom I’m writing GOOD seo content, reaching out to bloggers, crafting blog creation strategies and architecting the social media mechanics of […]