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How to Qualify Your Link Prospects…

Finding link prospects isn’t the hardest part of link building… Qualifying your link prospects is. Read this article: A Guide To Qualifying Link Prospects For Relevance, Value & Potentiality and download the Ontolo link qualification worksheet >> This article was fun to write: it provides useful, unique information, it clearly illustrates a core proficiency of […]

20 Link Building KPIs + 55 Link Opportunity Qualifiers + Link Prospect Segmentation

My link building strategy work continues with Ontolo, the large scale link building company I joined as co-founder. My work for the last few weeks has focused on the earlier stages of link building campaigns – setting goals and KPIs and qualifying massive sets of link prospect urls (think in the 100-250k range). Though we […]

The 22 Best Link Building Posts of 2008

It was VERY exciting to check my stats this morning and see that I’m getting traffic from a SEMMY NOMINATION for this article I wrote: A Guide to Getting Maximum Link Value from Your Content back in May. There are 21 other contenders in the link building category, and some writers (Rand Fishkin, Rae Hoffman, […]

Link Acquisition Tips + Finding Links that Influence Rankings AND Purchase Decisions

Part of my work as co-founder at Ontolo is crystalizing the tactics that Ben Wills and I use during our large-scale link building efforts. I’m doing this in weekly posts at the Ontolo blog. Here are some recent posts that will pretty much blow your mind 😉 8 Purchase Influence Indicators for Links that Influence […]

3 New Link Building Request Strategy Posts

…at the Ontolo blog… I wrote these based on my work in large-scale link building with Ben Wills, who I’ve joined as a co-founder at Ontolo. 12 Ways to Maximize Your Link Acquisition Efforts 5 Questions that Increase Your Link Request Conversions Your Link Request Email is Unsolicited Criticism I’ll be writing at the Ontolo […]

Extending, Communicating, or Reinforcing Identity: a Thought on Quiz Marketing

I’ve been talking quiz marketing with Ben Wills of Ontolo. Here’s what he said today that really perked up my ears: “I think that an angle to consider is how the quiz can extend, communicate, or reinforce the person’s identity.” What this thought did for me was crystalize how I think I’ll write quizzes in […]

We’re not the only ones…

…using quizzes to build links. Created By UGIF mobile coupons Though with my cheapskate woodworker quiz I keep the quiz subject in line with the subject of the links. I’m not sure what kind of engaging quiz I would write for mobile coupons… I found these guys via blog comment spam by the way 😉 […]

Quiz Marketing for

I don’t have any link building results to show yet… Just quiz results ;P “What Super Berry Bun Bun Are You?” My Result buny beper Check out the buny beper t shirt! You are buny beper! You are enthusiastic and energetic and you focus on getting things DONE. You value the intellectual input of buny […]

A Guide to Getting Maximum Link Value from Your Content

(image via P/UL) So. You’re a business marketer who’ll spend 30% of your marketing budget on content this year. To maximize your returns and dominate the search engines for your most valuable keywords you must build links to all this content – by requesting links, distributing your content and adding your links manually to relevant […]

Eric Ward in Search Marketing Standard Magazine

Because of my increased focus on thoroughly investigating link data of high rankers to find targeted and valuable link partners I’ve been reading as much as possible on other link building tactics. Of course I’ve been reading the work of Eric Ward. His recent article in the Search Marketing Standard print magazine got my pulse […]