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20 Link Building KPIs + 55 Link Opportunity Qualifiers + Link Prospect Segmentation

My link building strategy work continues with Ontolo, the large scale link building company I joined as co-founder. My work for the last few weeks has focused on the earlier stages of link building campaigns – setting goals and KPIs and qualifying massive sets of link prospect urls (think in the 100-250k range).

Though we work at a massive scale, any link builder will find useful concepts and strategies to apply on any scale of link building project.

3 Goals and 20 KPIs for Large Scale Link Building Campaigns
Setting clear goals enables you to focus your efforts on influencing search rank, your market’s media (including social), or both. Consider these link building goals as you go about setting your own…

55 Link Opportunity Qualifiers Within Large Scale Link Prospect Data Sets
Once you have identified your goals and KPIs and created your list of 100-250,000 targeted, rank-influencing link prospects (we crawl to build our large scale link prospect lists) you must further analyze them to identify those that will help you meet your link building goals. Remember, the criteria you set for qualifying link prospects must follow from your goals…

Use Link Prospect Segmentation to Create Content, Conversations and High Rankings
The data produced by large-scale link building research can provide invaluable content strategy insight. By identifying and targeting agenda-based segments within your link prospect list you can drastically improve your link acquisition rates. Further, you set the stage for long term conversation-based relationships with these segments that provide value far beyond influencing the search rankings…

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