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Link Acquisition Tips + Finding Links that Influence Rankings AND Purchase Decisions

Part of my work as co-founder at Ontolo is crystalizing the tactics that Ben Wills and I use during our large-scale link building efforts. I’m doing this in weekly posts at the Ontolo blog. Here are some recent posts that will pretty much blow your mind 😉

8 Purchase Influence Indicators for Links that Influence Rankings AND Purchase Decisions
When qualifying link prospects you inevitably find a segment of people who influence purchase decisions as well as the search engine rankings. Their ability to sway opinions – and search rankings – within your market makes them a highly valuable link target.

12 Powerful Offers that Build Links in Your Link Acquisition Phase
This list of 12 link exchange offers provides a starting point for strategically aligning your offers with the segments you’ll find in your link prospect list. It’s ordered by our assessment of resource expenditure, from least to greatest.

Link Request Rejections: 6 Ways to Grow from No
During the acquisition phase of your link building project you will receive many rejections. Because the majority of your rejections will occur through non-response, it’s vital that you grow any written “no” you receive by email into an opportunity to educate yourself. These written rejections represent an opportunity for you to improve your site’s content, your future link building efforts and to better connect yourself to your media space influencers.

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