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Quiz: What’s Your Link Building Style?

I created and posted this quiz on my blog using is in open beta right now so sign up and build a quiz for your blog 🙂 I wrote this quiz for an upcoming article for Search Marketing Standard.

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What’s Your Link Building Style? – Take the Quiz
This quiz helps to determine your link building style.
Pick the answer that best fits for you!
1. What would you do with 50,000 link prospect URLs in a spread sheet?
Hand them to my team – they know what to do.
Dump them into my link sorter and start up the auto email generator.
Go through the first 50 by hand. Screech in boredom. Go back to writing link bait.
I really wouldn’t know where to start…
2. What’s the first thing you noticed about this quiz? (the backend) – can I build something similar?
The title – man I could write a title WAY better than that!
Do I have a style if I’m just getting started?… can my team use it to build link-worthy quizzes?
3. What portion of link building would you NEVER outsource?
Content creation.
Tool and widget development.
Managing my team.
I would like to outsource LEARNING how to build links…
4. Do you contact your link prospects personally?
Not much – I automate as much as possible.
Absolutely – I’m the master of personalized emails that get links.
Rarely. I do offer guidance to my crew though.
I have not yet contacted a link prospect, or even determined who my link prospects are.
5. Can you create link building widgets?
Nope, but I know all the good ones.
Yep – I design them and my team builds them.
What is a widget exactly?
6. How many programming languages do you know?
Is html a programming language?
As many as it takes to get the job done.
I speak “money.” Most programmers do too.
Zero programming languages – oh crap does link building require programming languages?
7. How valuable to you is a list of 500 urls that link to competitor urls that 404?
Interesting, but I wouldn’t really know where to start with them…
GOLDEN. Let me at them.
Nice – I’ll sort through them and get my team working on requests.
404 – wtf?
8. What tools do you use to find link prospects?
I would use Google to find out what a link prospect is.
Google plus free link research apps.
Google plus my home-built tools plus a smattering of free apps.
Google plus my home-built tools plus free apps plus paid apps plus employees.
9. What is your stance on link bait and social media?
Never touch the stuff myself – too unreliable.
I have accounts at several social media sites and use them to build links to my link bait, er, useful content.
My team includes writers and social media marketers.
I’ve heard people discuss these things.

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