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a “Cross Channel Creative Conqueror of Conversational Calypso”

I’ve worked with Adam Schultz for over four years now – two as coworkers at WebSourced and then two as a consultant to Bold Interactive, the agency Adam created out of his mountains of talent and deep wells of determination.

Adam called me last Friday – AFTER our 2 hour strategy lunch – to see if I’d gotten his review. I hadn’t and he cursed, and tried to recite it from memory. The longer we talked about it the more he tried to play it down so that my expectations wouldn’t outshine the actual writing.

I think it’s a fine piece of writing. And Adam, thank you for the continued opportunity to work with you and your clients – it truly is a pleasure.

Testimonial from Adam Schultz of Bold Interactive:

Garrett French makes me angry at god for making me a straight man. The love I have for this cross channel creative conqueror of conversational calypso is dwarfed only by the love I feel for my wife and 2 children. The monumental magnitude of his minds-eye has no limit and I am a more engaged and creative marketer for having known him. Should you work with Garrett? Absolutely not. I want him all for myself. If you have a problem with that than YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO TAKE A FRIGGIN’ NUMBER COCHISE! Would I work with Garrett again? Oh, I would. . . again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and . . .

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