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Warning: Serpes Can Lead to Becoming an Algoholic

On April 30th 2004 I defined the term “Algoholic” in Urban Dictionary. To the best of my knowledge I coined the term.

Here’s what I wrote then:

1. algoholic
Someone who watches search engine algorithms closely for the purpose of making appropriate changes to websites with the intent of getting higher results.

If you check Google datacenters regularly you’re probably an algoholic.

Today I thought of the term that obviously must lead to becoming an algoholic… SERPES.

Here’s the definition I submitted to UD:

1. Serpes
The virus caught by those new to search engine marketing. Typically characterized by beginning to use the abbreviation SERPs in conversation and email. Further, those newly infected will display a heightened interest in analytics and any shred of information regarding the algorithms that determine how pages rank in search engines.

Leads to becoming an Algoholic.

Ooh boy I just gave my new clients teh Serpes – they just sent me links to Search Engine Watch articles from 2004.

The UD editors haven’t approved serpes yet, but when they do feel free to add to the definition 😉

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