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Personality Quiz Marketing for Links, Leads and Consultative Sales

Ever since the quiz marketing bug bit me (when I read this interview with Matt Inman by Joe Whyte) I’ve paid a lot more attention to personality quizzes and folks who use them for marketing. I’d already seen them on MySpace and I hear they’re quite popular on FaceBook.

Then I started to notice how much people ADVERTISE to get people to take quizzes (what’s your true age? when will you die?). When I see people paying to advertise their quizzes I take this as an indicator that there’s value.

This post – which I may update in the future as my understanding of quiz marketing improves – includes the following marketing objectives served through quiz creation:

1) Quiz Marketing for Links
2) Quiz Marketing for Leads/List Building
3) Quiz Marketing for Forced Surveys
4) Quiz Marketing for Consultative Sales

1) Quiz Marketing for Links
Link development is what originally got me started thinking about personality quizzes (see article linked to above). In this method you strive to create not only compelling quizzes, but compelling quiz results that offer the quiz taker some unexpected or much-desired personality definition. The goal is to have folks paste their results on their blogs, favorite forums. If you’re really slick you create them for MySpace and Facebook.

For an idea of what these types of quizzes look like, and a site that enables visitors to create them for its own advertising ends, check out Also see the original quiz that helped Matt Inman develop links and traffic to his dating site which he sold:

2) Quiz Marketing for Leads/List Building
Typically these are the folks who advertise their quizzes. And why not? They know the value of a lead/list member and know how much they can pay to get new ones. Here’s an example of an ad I saw (in gmail…):

The Average IQ is 100. – – What is yours? Find out with our Free IQ Test.

Linked to: Note the pure lead-gen quality of their landing page. BRILLIANT! This site is all about renting its list to – most likely – online education companies.

3) Quiz Marketing for Forced Surveys
If you have a ready market for selling consumer surveys then you might consider something along the lines of the “Are You Ugly?” quiz (check out parent site worldofquizzes). You may remember the “Are You a Slacker Mom?” quiz that someone advertised so heavily in gmail ads. This is another case where you get your quiz results AFTER taking the consumer survey.

4) Quiz Marketing for Consultative Sales
Maybe consultative sales is too high-falutin of a term for this particular quiz I found. The concept could work for b2b or b2c though. A travel site enables its visitors to take a quiz that helps identify their travel personality. Then, based on this personality, they provide suggestions for where in the world to travel.

What I like is that they created their own labeling system for personality types. There’s more opportunity for them in that they could have developed the concept out for link building as well.

Best Trip Choices travel personality page. (there’s a quiz on the site somewhere…)

I think there’s a great deal of room for developing the personality quiz concept into many different marketing areas – to me it’s one of the most exciting content marketing concepts around :D. Further, there’s huge potential in quizzes for helping segments of your community identify themselves and determine who else in your community they could benefit from knowing. I’m sure there are other personality quiz marketing ideas out there… and many more ways that providing tools for personal insight can benefit your business.

If you have experience in any of these tactics you’re willing to share I’d value an email: gfrench(at)

this site charges 5$ to take their personality quiz:

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