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my new comic getting rave reviews (from friends and family)

So as a creative side project I’ve worked on a comic since back when I lived in Lexington, KY and worked at WebProNews (I think it’s getting on to 4 years now…).

Here’s what my friend Mark Bee said about it (and I think he sums it up quite nicely 🙂

I like the jerkiness. The pace and the delivery work sort of like a Native American myth, where it’s fast and slow, and brings the reader into details of the story that the TELLER considers most important.

What I like:
The framed narratives, the action-driven dialogue with a few big words thrown in (they talk like my action figures used to: “get’im!”), the spots without dialog, the figures and their gracefulness (i.e. Echoboy’s pelvis).

There’s also a line of hand made, stencil-printed t shirts to accompany the comic – you can see me, Ben and Alexi (of Road Trip 2.0) modeling some here:

Click here to check out the Echoboy comic >>

Kind words from SF/F writer and editor Paul Jessup

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