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Eric Ward in Search Marketing Standard Magazine

Because of my increased focus on thoroughly investigating link data of high rankers to find targeted and valuable link partners I’ve been reading as much as possible on other link building tactics. Of course I’ve been reading the work of Eric Ward.

His recent article in the Search Marketing Standard print magazine got my pulse pounding from all of its revelations on the searches that Ward performs to find link partners. If Ward was an affiliate marketer this would be like giving away his most profitable keywords in paid search. These are like gold and I present them to you for edification and for me for remembering them:

1) “public library” “useful links” nutrition site:gov
2) “submit food news”
3) “useful nutrition links”

Of course these are for a site seeking links for nutrition related content, and you could run other variations for these as well. I’d try stuff like: “submit food articles” and “submit nutrition articles.” Plus I’d probably dig into the nutrition-related blog space.

His article, “The Link is Dead, Long Live the Link” suggests that the era of the mass-submitted article, press release and directory submission are less effective and it’s time to start augmenting mass efforts with more niche directed efforts. I couldn’t agree more! Thanks Eric for a timely article (note – it’s in the print edition of Search Marketing Standard).

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