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Email Newsletter Development Assist by Nielsen Norman

I cut my teeth in the email newsletter world over at webpronews. I started in on some email newsletter template wireframing today for a Bold client and got that good ole’ marketing-geeky feeling over the executive summary on Email Newsletter Usability from Nielsen Norman. Here are the points that made their way into my “design concepts” list for the project:

  • “The positive aspect of this emotional relationship is that newsletters can create much more of a bond between users and a company than a website can.”
  • “The most frequent complaint in our study was about newsletters that arrived too often. And, when we let them vent, the most frequent advice our study participants had for newsletter creators was to “keep it brief.””
  • “The dominant mode of dealing with email newsletters is to skim them: that’s what happened to 69% of the newsletters in our most recent study.”
  • “All of the following four reasons were given by more than 40% of users: * Informs of work-related news or company actions (mentioned by two-thirds of users)
    * Reports prices/sales
    * Informs about personal interests/hobbies
    * Informs about events/deadlines/important dates”
  • “It is the job of the newsletter publisher to convince users that the newsletter will be simple, useful, and easy to deal with.”
  • So yeah, I doubt your skull cracked from reading any of these findings but they served me well in my design process and served as a great refresher for lessons I got many moons ago. Thanks Nielsen Norman for rocking on with your bad selves.

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