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Connect the Dots for an Incredible Community Marketing Post

Imagine an incredible, articulate and mind blowing article patching all of these posts together in a way that increases their aggregate value 😀

That’s what I would have written if I wasn’t going out to get sushi tonight with my lady to celebrate her first paid gig doing roller derby training (she’s buying) and the successful (and BUSY) month Adam and I are having.

I haven’t been at my bloglines for a week or so – here’s what’s notable to me. Oh yeah – I haven’t actually READ any of these closely yet… this is as close to a non-post as I’ll try to come here on conversations monetized ;P

On Stacking Mad Cash
How to Get Started as a Domainer: 28 Tips, Techniques and Resources
I Secretly Want To Be A…
Domainer’s Magazine
Frank Schilling’s Seven Mile: My Favorite Domainer Blog
The Absolute Fastest Way To Make Money Online

Why the Age of Your Domain Name is Important for SEO
Blue Hat Technique #17 – Keyword Fluffing
66 Ways to Build Links in 2007 (very excited about thoroughly reading this one)

Social/Community Marketing
Can Twitter Serve as Highly Targeted Marketing Tool?
YouTube Case Study: Widget marketing comes of age
User Community and ROI
New research: participants vs. lurkers (from one of my new favorite blogs…)
Social Media Now: The Consumer Lesson of Twittermania
Disposable Camera Model for Community Growth
Lego MMO Revealed

Mmmm… sashimi! Bye 🙂

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