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Two Week Roundup of My Writings

Guys I swear – in addition to client work I’ve been writing my ass off 😉 Here are some of my postings:

My MarketingShift Postings:
I post industry interviews and observations at MarketingShift. Here’s what all I’ve posted there in the past two weeks:

TrailFire’s Annotations Anywhere + Distribution Through Organic SERPs
Fortune 500 DIY Social Media Marketing
Brian McCullough on the Mechanics of His Social Job Search Engine WhoToTalkTo
Social Deal Sites: Distribution and Business Models’s 2005 vs. 2006: a Chat with Greg Haslam
YouTube Email Spam Getting Bad
Google Audio Ads to Monetize the Dogs, Not the Long Tail
Watch for a TurnHere Near You: Local Web Video Advertising for $300
MarketingShift’s Mega Guide to MPlanet Coverage
AskCity: Integrating Local Search (and IAC)

the Search Marketing Standard Blog
The Search Marketing Standard blog is the online arm of the search marketing industry’s only print magazine. Here I write more tips-oriented search marketing posts, with the occasional rant thrown in for good measure:

Social Media Marketing: Metrics Whining vs. Need for Action
Sustainable SEM Growth is Rooted… in Your Dev Team?
When Maps and Search Marketing Collide
Pay-Per-Post the New Directory Submission?
21 SEO Tips from Google’s Matt Cutts + Vanessa Fox Video
SES Chicago 2006 Coverage Round Up
Building Links: the Research Phase
Free SEO Tool Checks IPs For Results-Crippling Duplication

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