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Congrats to Ben Wills + the Wisdom of $1.65 Billion

Several items of note.

1) Congratulations to Ben Wills for winning Andy Beal’s SEO Scholarship. Ben’s going to the city of broken winds for a confronce of seming. NICE!

Andy does a wonderful and useful because of transparency “anatomy of a contest” post. Thank you for that Andy! I will be building content marketing ideas from your concepts for years 🙂

2) An article I wrote on social search will be appearing in the next issue of Search Marketing Standard. I hope they use the strange picture of me that Brandy took where I look like Rasputin on crack.

Also I will be recommending to Ben, perhaps only here, that he shoot an email to Andrey there and get in the next issue. Andrey was a phenomenal editor for me.

3) My great friends at MSI bid me farewell at my old home, Search Engine Lowdown. Special thanks to Jon Revill and Jeremy Swiller, plus anyone else behind the tribute. You guys rock and you were so sweet with your choices of anchor text!! I have a, shall we call it “in the flesh,” tribute in the works for MSI… Watch for it at a YouTube near you 😉

4) I will be posting like an m-fer on Monday and Tuesday of next week for my friend Loren Baker at the Search Engine Journal.

5) This video is absolutely wonderful. WONDERFUL. Watch it and glory in no-budget video creation and the wisdom of 1.65 billion.

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