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Video: Google’s Craig Silverstein Speaks at UNC

I went to hear Craig Silverstein speak at UNC’s medical library on October 30th, a week ago, thanks to Davak at tech-recipes.

I remember especially enjoying section four below on Mobile Search and Google Co-op.

This is over 30 minutes of movie, so if you happen to watch it all please indicate in which video you found particular value…

Craig Silverstein 1: intro + how Google began
In part one he introduces himself and discusses Google’s origins.

Craig Silverstein 2: Google’s Begins + Google Book Search
In part 2 here Craig continues to discuss how Google started and then introduces Google Book search. He’s presenting to librarians afterall.

Craig Silverstein 3: Google Books + Google Scholar
In part 3 he finishes explaining how Google Books can’t actually achieve its goal of digitizing all books and then introduces Google Scholar to the audience.

Craig Silverstein 4: Mobile Search + Google Co-op
In part four Craig digs into the future of the web, which Google sees as mobile, and Google Co-op as a future of enabling search results to get smarter.

Craig Silverstein 5: the Page Anecdote + Closing
In part 5 he recounts Larry Page’s favorite early Google anecdote and the bids everyone farewell.

Davak provides his take on Silverstein’s lecture here.

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